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Also known as Pre-Listing Inspection or Seller’s Inspection


Having your home inspected before putting it on the market is a very wise and valuable decision. Resale Home Inspection New Braunfels will help to ensure that the sales process will go smoothly and quickly.


You, the seller, will pay for the inspection but will receive a report that will give you the condition of your home and will uncover any concerns that might compromise your sale. By knowing what issues there are with your home, if any, they can be addressed before there is a ready, willing and able buyer and not hinder a potential sale.


A pre-listing inspection will benefit all parties involved as the seller can fix or repair any issues beforehand and the purchaser will see that the home seller had a pre-inspection done so they’ll feel more comfortable pursuing a closing on the home.


Planning to start your Home Construction? You need a New Construction Inspection.

Call us today and find out more how you can avail full consultation services beginning with the site preparation and foundation for simple one-time inspections of specific systems for your Dream Home.


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