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 Also Known as Builder’s Warranty or 1 Year Warranty Inspection


The builder of your newly constructed home generally warranties your new home with a 1 Year Builder’s Warranty. This warranty is in place to fix or correct any issues that might come up once you move into your new home and use your systems.


A newly constructed house is prone to a variety of problems. This is because, during the process of construction, it is very difficult for the builder to check all activities in all construction phases. Even the most qualified and experienced builder is likely to miss out something. New Home Warranty Inspection New Braunfels will help to pinpoint such areas and address them to the builder before the construction is complete.


If you make it to closing on a sale, you will have heard about home inspections. So what to look for on your property and what is a New Home Warranty Inspection New Braunfels? It is important to inspect your new house, but a 1-year Warranty only applies to new builds. A new house always has its quirks, so this warranty gives you the opportunity to go through the property and take a careful look at everything before you can let your builder know if anything needs adjusting or changing. Indoors and outdoors checks Indoors there are lots of bigger and smaller things you need to look at.


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