Phase 1 & 2 – New Construction Inspections

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Home inspections are not only for existing homes, but they can also be done at critical stages in the building process.  Each home should be constructed in accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC) for One & Two Family Dwellings as well as local building codes/designs/standards.  We provide invaluable peace of mind at every stage of the building process so you can rest easy at night knowing that your home is the solid investment you thought it was when you decided to build.  You should never put money savings and busy schedules ahead of quality control, especially when building a home.



Our reports are meant to be informative and educational at the same time.  They include identification of size, type, spacing, materials used, the location of plumbing, electrical panels, HVAC, water heaters, along with the evaluation of proper construction.  This combination of information is invaluable to you as you go through the process of building a home.


PHASE 1:  Foundation Pre-Pour Inspection


House Foundation after pouring of concrete. New construction Inspection

A structure is only as good as the foundation it sits on so this critical inspection takes place before the concrete is poured.  Each slab design has specifications (i.e. size/dimensions of support beams/footers, post-tension cable plans/installation specs, size/location of extra supports, drainage and vent pipe locations, electrical wiring, vapor barrier installation plans, etc.) and installation standards that should be closely followed prior to the pouring of concrete.  Let us help give you peace of mind knowing that your slab is built to last.




PHASE 2:  Framing & Mechanical Inspection (Before Drywall)


Frames installation. New Construction Inspection

So you might be asking, when does this inspection take place?  This inspection is done whenever the electrical, plumbing, heating & air conditioning have been roughed in; the exterior framed walls are complete; the roof sheathing and roofing material are in place; the structure is essentially secured from water intrusion; but prior to the installation of insulation and drywall.  Once all these components are in place, you are ready for your pre-drywall inspection.



At this point, we can provide you with a detailed phase II inspection report that includes digital pictures of defects, descriptions, proper installation notes, and recommendations based on our findings.  As with all of our reports, we deliver and easy to read report to you conveniently by email the same day of the inspection.  





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