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As your Inspection Expert in the New Braunfels TX and the surrounding area, we know how overwhelming it is when buying a home and the dozens of tasks involved before moving in.


Calls for internet, tv, phone, security system, utilities and so on. Who serves your area? We know and we’re proud to introduce our Free Concierge Moving Service to help you, our valued home inspection client.


Our Concierge Moving Service saves you time and money alleviating you from the dozens of phone calls, long hold times and pushy salespeople.


This Great Service puts you in charge of your choices for phone, tv, utilities, and internet and with the best prices. You are assisted with everything you need to be ready to move into your new home and by using our service, you save time and money with your own Personal Concierge.

Inspection Services:(830) 446-3425
Concierge Services: (877) 274-8632


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Step 1: Your Home Inspection Services


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Step 2: Easy Utility Connections – We connect all your home service providers for you at the best rates with one free phone call!  Phone, TV, Internet, Gas, Water, Electric & Much more!


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Step 3: Home Security Consultation – Get a home security system at the best rates before you move in and receive special rebates with our Concierge Program.


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Step 4: Locksmith Appointment – Setup your qualified locksmith to test and re-key all the locks of your home.


Step 5: Huge Discounts– Get significant discounts on much-needed appliances and more!


Lange Home Inspection is an excellent way to assess the current condition of your home before you plan to sell or buy. That way, you’ll know the true condition of the home before the buyer or seller does.