3 tips to add technology, tailor-made features

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We tend to think of the bathroom as a utilitarian space, and therefore not worthy of the same energy and expense put into designing spaces like the living room or kitchen. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, however. It’s the room where we start and set intentions for our day. In the evening, the bathroom is where we go to unwind — some people prefer soaking in a bubble bath while others take a hot shower to relax.A bathroom's design can dramatically affect your experience. Consider Continue Reading ...

Retaining walls to the rescue

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Segmental retaining wall (SRW) units are one of the most versatile landscaping tools in the homeowner’s and professional landscaper’s toolbox. Retaining wall units have evolved from just being used to retain soil, transition slopes and prevent erosion. Today’s SRWs can do all that plus serve as multipurpose building blocks for a variety of outdoor-living features, including stairs, columns, freestanding walls, tiered walls, curved walls, seating and more.Creative designsWhile SRWs Continue Reading ...

Want a bathroom addition? What to know before you cut through concrete

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It’s home improvement season, which means you’re probably dreaming of enhancements to make your space more livable and to enhance property value. Adding a bathroom is a great way to do both, but for many people, concrete poses a potential problem.Want to add a bathroom to your garage? How about adding a powder room in the basement? A bathroom addition means you need proper plumbing, and often in these types of spaces, none exists. You simply have a cold concrete slab and a bit of a Continue Reading ...

Top 3 Phase Home Inspection Services

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A home inspection is crucial for novel homeowners so as to avoid the many pitfalls present during construction. Having said that, 3 phase construction is unsurpassed since it is a continuous process of inspection. It entails:1. Pre-Pour Foundation InspectionDone prior to the laying of concrete, pre-pour inspection is invaluable. It ensures that all installations have been properly done without which, the integrity of your house would be compromised. It’s also instrumental as it Continue Reading ...

Final Construction Home Inspection

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Entering your brand-new home after a certain duration of constructions is really a large bargain as well as should be a. enjoyable experience. If you consider that your house was developed by. hundreds of various people that worked in teams on numerous parts, giving. the final result, you will certainly understand that there are great deals of things to inspect. Also. though your home builder may be a very proficient professional who took notice of. each and every single detail while building Continue Reading ...

5 Smart Ideas To Refresh Your Deck

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As the season's turn, your focus begins to shift to the outdoors. Your deck or patio becomes your new living room an ideal setting for memorable moments with friends and family. If you look at these spaces and long for a refresh, the time to start planning is now. You have options, and many you can do yourself with minimal effort.To start, if you don't have a deck or patio, research materials carefully before making an investment. One prevalent building trend involves making the smart Continue Reading ...

Infusing Natural Elements for Distinctive Design

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Natural materials add notes of strength and serenity to space, while simultaneously revitalizing the overall aesthetic. These elements not only represent the distinct beauty found in nature but also can serve as unique statement pieces that bring handcrafted modernity into a home. From furnishings to fixtures, designers incorporate natural materials to create a soothing, yet energized aesthetic that creates a sense of intrinsic luxury.Organic elementsExploring natural materials can Continue Reading ...

8 Steps To Reconstruct Your Kitchen Without A Major Renovation

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The cooking area is among one of the most vital spaces in your home. From food preparation and also eating to hanging out with your family members, a lot of kitchens are well stayed in as well as loved. However, when it comes time for an upgrade, the kitchen is likewise one of the most pricey rooms to remodel.A complete cooking area remodel can take months to finish, and also the cost can build up rapidly. The bright side is there are lots of affordable solutions to assist you to invigorate Continue Reading ...

5 New Year’s Resolutions To Help Prevent Pests

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From healthy lifestyle changes to productive habits, there are plenty of New Year’s resolutions that can start your 2019 off on the right foot. Homeowners can extend those resolutions to include keeping the house in tiptop shape and keeping out unwanted visitors. The pest management experts at Terminix have a few New Year’s resolution recommendations that can help make your 2019 pest-free.Inspect your homeAs you start the new year, it’s a good time to check if your home is fully Continue Reading ...

Catch Home Buyer’s Attention With A bathroom In An Impossible’ Space

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Add a bathroom to an 'impossible' space to catch home buyers' attention When it comes to real estate, you've probably heard kitchens and bathrooms typically sell houses. While you may not have enough money for a kitchen remodel, adding a bathroom can be a more affordable way to enhance your property and catch buyers' attention.By adding another bathroom to your home, you immediately increase your chances of the property getting noticed. Technology makes it simple for buyers to search Continue Reading ...