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5 years of Inspection | Lange Home Inspection New Braunfels | AboutWe are dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers get the highest quality home inspection and report so they can make their most informed buying decision.

We believe that having the heart of a teacher and educating people about the defects and features of a home are key components of being a professional home inspector. In our book, Knowledge Is Power.

At Lange Home Inspection, we are professional.


“My husband and I sold our home last year, which was inspected by BJ at Lange Home Inspection for the buyer. We were both¬†impressed with the thoroughness and detail of the inspection report. Luckily, we only had a few minor repairs needed and even the trades, who came to tend to the repairs, commented on the detail of the report. We would highly recommend Lange Home Inspection.” ~Sarah Noack, Google Review